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Tim Bransfield

A Life Interrupted - A Moving Memoir by Tim Bransfield

"One night changed my life, my world and everything in it."
                  ~Tim Bransfield 

When Tim Bransfield was only seventeen, he was living his dream. Tim was the number one ranked high school baseball player in Massachusetts. He was named MVP of an all-star game at Fenway Park. He was just weeks away from cashing in a full scholarship to play starting shortstop for his favorite college baseball team.

But one fateful night changed all that. On August 14, 2002, Tim hit a tree driving 80 miles per hour. That catastrophic car accident nearly killed him.

When he awoke from a sixty day coma, he was forced to compete in a completely different game, the most challenging one of his career. Sidelined with a traumatic brain injury, Tim was robbed of the ability to walk, talk, and to care for himself. He had to dig deep to try for a come from behind win.  A Life Interrupted details the events surrounding Tim Bransfield’s car accident and recovery, and how overcoming tremendous adversity taught him to dream yet another dream. 

Tim Bransfield

A Story of True Survival

On August 14, 2002, the world went dark for Tim Bransfield. Refusing to be beaten, Tim played the game of his life and beat the odds. A Life Interrupted is Tim's magnificent story of overcoming adversity.

"When you feel like quitting think about why you started!"
~Tim Bransfield

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Tim Bransfield

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A Life Interrupted is available in both paperback as well as Kindle versions at Amazon. 

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