Tim Bransfield's Welcome Dinner Speech

Watch Tim speaking at Marlin's Park in Miami to inspire some of world’s best high school baseball players. 

A Life Interrupted - A Moving Memoir by Tim Bransfield

"One night changed my life, my world and everything in it."
          ~Tim Bransfield

When Tim Bransfield was 17, he was living his dream: He was the no.1 ranked high school baseball player in Massachusetts. He was named MVP of an all-star game at Fenway Park. He was just weeks away from cashing in a full scholarship to play starting shortstop for his favorite college baseball team. But one fateful night—totally out of left field—changed all that.

On August 14, 2002, Tim hit a tree driving 80 miles per hour. The catastrophic car accident —and his devastating role in it—nearly killed him.

When he awoke from a 60 day coma, he was forced to compete in a completely different game…the most challenging one of his career. Sidelined with a traumatic brain injury, Tim was robbed of the ability to walk, talk, and care for himself. He had to dig deep to try for a come-from-behind win.

Featuring an introduction by nationally recognized neuropsychologist Diane Roberts Stohler and co-written by fellow brain injury survivor and renowned author David A. Grant, A Life Interrupted details the events surrounding Tim Bransfield’s car accident and recovery... and how overcoming tremendous adversity taught him to dream another dream.



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